The Reward

Entrance to the Dark Tunnel
Door to the Bridge over Peaceful Waters
Once the heroine lives through the life or death situation, she must find her reward that replaced the ashes of her old life.  Picture Book's heroine opens the very door that she never expected to open and enters what she believes will be the dark tunnel in her journey.

What she finds is the reward she wished to find, but she is afraid her reward will not be enough to free her mother from the legal problems threatened the awful Mrs. Paige.

For a few brief moments her mood is lifted by what she sees when she opens the back door of the cave. At the end of a short walk over peaceful waters is her grandfather's childhood home.   It is a warm and inviting place to rest, but she knows she cannot stay long.   A heroine's journey is not over when they defeat the monster.   A heroine is only a heroine if their mastery over the fear is proof of permanent transformation.   And she hasn't answered the call fully until she frees her entire world of the evil that envelops it.
Violet's Family Cottage

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