The Approach

The Guardian of the Threshold is killed off during an earlier crossing,
but his Mary Shelley inspired domicile continues
 to threaten Violet's purpose.
After  the hero learns how to defeat foe
along comes a bigger and smarter one

By the time the hero reaches the approach he is ready to solve more complex problems, puzzles and  read between the clues cryptograms. For Picture Book's heroine Violet,  this means she is ready to meet the word thieves, the most evil of all the monsters she must kill along the way to transformation.

The approach of all hero stories is the event that leads the main character directly into the same eye of the storm the call to adventure predicted.  No wonder a child smart enough to get an invite chooses not to accept it.   While the hero is making the approach to the biggest test in the story, the reader or 3D immersion visitor also makes the approach.   Once Violet's story is read and its elements understood, it is expected visitors will be able to write their own approaches with or without words. After all no one escapes a back story, and no is free of monsters under the bed until he turns on a light.

Vertigo, add a little more danger to approach

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