Tests, Allies and Enemies

Tests, Allies and Enemies are met in during the first few minutes/hours/days of any journey.    After meeting with the mentor, the hero looks for allies to help her.   No one should take a hero journey entirely alone, and no one who lived for awhile in the ordinary world does, even when the journey appears to be a solo one.   The experiences learned from others are remembered by the hero during times of crisis.
The paradox, appreciate beauty and beware of it too

Likewise no hero is prepared to meet those monsters under the bed, particularly when those monsters are disguised, shapeshifters or cloaked.  Only a transformed hero can pick out who are actually bad guys from the crowd of good guys.

Tests are ways to gauge success and mastery.  The hero learns during the rising action of the plot how to manage problems and encourage solutions.   One of the most common journey tests is the barely navigable overgrown forest.   With the help of friends and obstacles to overcome, a hero will find her way out of a sealed off forest.

The tests encountered during the early stages of the ordeal will not prove a hero's transformation.   The transformation and climax of the story occurs when the hero conquers her fears long enough to defeat the presence that is causing the heroine's inability to continue on with her mission to save the world.

Picture Book's Violet is led into a such a forest filled with shadows (enemies) and allies (friends) who help her find the words she lost in the Ordinary World.
Picture Book's Confusion Forest

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