Crossing the Threshold & The Threshold Guardian

Once a heroine invests in the call with a trip to the mentor, she takes the next step.   In some stories there is a raising of the hero up and into the skies through dream or fantastical animal.  In other stories the heroine tries to sneak across the threshold without waking the monster who guards the world of transformation.
One bag of beans, but two trips up the stalk
 to reach the monster's perch

Picture Book's hero Violet listened carefully to the story of Jack and his Beanstalk.   She climbs back up the stalk to solve a confusing puzzle laid down by the monster.   Only when its solved is she allowed to portal to the monster's perch where he keeps the secrets of the realm; secrets she needs to know about tricksters, shapeshifters, shadows and thieves.  

When the puzzle is solved the guardian will die for that day, but he will return the next.   It is a magical place where life trumps death (even for the misguided guardian).   Because he will need a place to store his feathers when he returns the next day, his domicile remains
Monster's Perch
hidden among the forest trees and waterfalls.

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