Call to Adventure & Refusal of the Call

Ruby takes a second look at the Sword in the Stone artifact
After trying to pull it out herself, she realizes
how unlikely it would be for a 10 year girl to earn it.

The Call to Adventure is not readily accepted by an authentic hero.   There are disappointments to leave behind before leaving the known world.  No one chooses to encounter monsters under the bed without training.   So the hero thinks of all sorts of reasons about why it isn't the right time to face his fears.

Then some event or another character invites or insists that the hero accept his mission save a world.  After an initial refusal the hero reluctantly continues with the mission.   Violet, the heroine of Picture Book's Lost Words story ignores the call to record clan legends until she is forced to write them don't and can't.

When her mother is legally threatened by the local truancy officer about Violet's lack of formal schooling, the school she longed to attend becomes her worst nightmare.   After hearing a story around the campfire; about a boy who became a hero and a king, she tried to pull the sword from the stone.  It did not budge.   Realizing how limited were her knowledge, skill and strength, Violet could see no way to please her family.    Her only option was to run away from the nightmare to find he light of day.  

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