The Ordeal

Depending on the author options about timing and plotting, the ordeal is a period of growth that culminates with the heroine's decision to master her own mission fate.   The wonderfully told  and educational Dragons of Deltora book chapter series (appeals to young readers and older readers too) by Emily Rhodda (pen name) plays with the Ordeal element in her books.   Sometimes the hero is sent what appears to be a red herring adventure only to find the detour ordeal was a important early lesson the hero needed to use during his big face off with his shadow.

Violet, the Picture Book heroine cautiously tests herself with three lesser tests to prepare for ordeal that is in her future.   By the time she finishes the third minor ordeal, she realizes facing fear is a solo experience. Only what she's been taught will be of any use to her.   When she rows out into the unprotected Perpetual Seas that connects Picture Book to other Ruby O'Degee stories that are laden with dark undertones, she finds herself in a life or death situation.

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