Resurrection & Return with the Elixir

Everyone knows elixirs are magic medicines that cure all ills, or at least that is what advertisers would lead you to believe.   The hero's elixir could be a gem, a book, a good meal by the fireside, a chat with friends from around the metaversal world on New Years Eve.   When a hero comes home to their well deserved place of peace, with the elixir that proves his transformation took place.  He is an authentic and reconfirmed hero, slaying for good one shadow and coming back from near death to outlive the journey that he will tell his grandchildren.

Violet's story has a comparable ending.  It won't be shared here, because it would ruin the story for visitors who choose to follow her through the world the first time.   A reveal would too ruin the experience for the visitor, who chooses to make up their own hero story using the Picture Book props and the hero process. 

No matter which way a visitor decides to enjoy the Picture Book world, the author of her first children's book, Ruby O;Degee and her benefactor hope that some visitors will be inspired to build their own stories using the traditional methods discussed here
Then let them know when to come and visit your hero/heroine story.

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