Cover Art Gateway

Like the cover of a book the Gateway provides a place for readers (explorers) to land and adjust to their new surroundings.   Visitors will be pleased to find familiar storybuilding conveniences:  a map of the build, instructions about how to make the best use of the build, an indication of the aestethic quality of the illustrations/objects, and a nice place to sit and take in the view.  Picture Book is a part of a much larger character story; that of fictive, Ruby O'Degee's age writing journey.   Visual connections to other stories, including the consistent teleportal tube, a stone tablet that explains its connection to all Lakewater Project stories somewhere hidden on the Perpetual Seas (authentic equivalent  - middle of the Hudson River after a time shifting flood and a change of dimension), and a steampunk contraption mentioned in other chapters of the story.  Not all storybuild landing pads are the same, but all storybuild gateways invite the visitor to take part in the story.

Picture Book's Gateway is expected to offer additional explorer assists in the near future.   A productive honey bee will optionally accompany the visitor who decides to take the hero journey, and a Heads Up User Display will be used to deliver the traditional children's book, Violet's Lost Words and to provide gamification clues, a motiviation device to complete the recurring journey. 

Note:  Provide a little mystery to a storybuild world with innovative terrain.  In other words take a hint from the Wizard of Oz.  Don't reveal nothing unless the visitor is willing to courageously turn corners down the "yellow brick road."

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