Monday, July 21, 2014

Violet's Lost Word Story Progress

Alexis Paninian Steamspout Airship
The latest Midtown Arts Museum certified and authenticated by the Midtown Ladies Guild is the Alexis Paninian Steamspout Airship.  It hovers above Fearstricken Canyon.  Eventually the steamspout will evacuate terrified tourists. Until then it is a nice place to picnic or take a nap.

Ruby O'Degee, museum curator, helped the Guild with the delivery of Captain Dutton Hollings Pirate Ship, once used to rob Scottish  Natives.  The ship's holds were filled to the brim with magic rocks and sent to the Americas to sell in local rock shops and flea markets of the time. 
Captain Dutton Hollings Pirate Ship

The traditional text writing is slow going, but two illustrations were drawn and added to the book this past week.  The scheduled release date continues to be mid November.

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