Monday, July 28, 2014

Guardian of the Threshold

No Hero Story is complete without a Guardian of the Threshold
Picture Book's Guardian Arrived Just in Time to Guard the Threshold
and the Increasingly Detailed Story

Sooner or later the Guardian of the Threshold was going to show up in Picture Book.   The threshold was added during the initial build of Picture Book, but Ruby never found time to invite the guardian.   Eventually, the guardian will cause problems for the explorers, who try to breach the threshold to the rest of the hero adventure, but for now the Sparkleberry Bird (named after the ambient music) is content to hover above anyone who tries to climb the beanstalk.

The blue crow sweet exterior hides a nasty prediliction for using its beak to bite.   Visitors are forewarned (foreshadowed) the bird will distract them.   The Midtown Exhibit document camera works well to warn and focus explorer attention.

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